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Town Clerk - Cindy Turner 

The Town Clerk is appointed by the Mayor and is responsible for maintaining records of all public meeting minutes, agendas, ordinances, and resolutions. The Town Clerk is also responsible for the Town Website as well as administering municipal Elections. The Town website provides access to Public Notifications including Town Council along with Planning & Zoning Committee Agendas and Meeting Minutes. These records and other Community notifications are also posted on the State Public Notice Website.

You may contact the Town Clerk at the Town Offices:
55 North Main Street
Kanosh, Utah 84637

Records Request

The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) dictates who has access to records and how the law is enforced. The GRAMA Act is an attempt to balance the public's constitutional right of access to information concerning public business, the individual's constitutional right of privacy when the Government gathers personal data, and the public policy interest in allowing a Government to restrict access to certain records for the public good. For more information on the GRAMA Act please visit the Utah Attorney General's website